Getting your message across to an audience

I do a lot of media and advocacy trainings, helping people to improve how they speak and get their messages across. I’ve met some amazing and talented professionals in my time, but I have to say precious few of them are good at speaking compellingly on complex issues, whether to the media, in front of a panel or committee, or even to just one other person.

I am not going to attempt here to give every last point about how to be a better public speaker (although you can hire me to do that). But I heard an interview today on the radio that made me grin with joy at the terrific speaker. It perfectly illustrated a few basic practices that can make anybody an effective communicator. Continue reading


What is advocacy?

This is definitely the question I get the most — from my parents to country directors and heads of mission. The word “advocacy” (or “plaidoyer” or “Meinungsbildung”) isn’t terribly clear itself. So this is what I usually tell people. (And with a big smile and lots of passion! Advocacy is wonderful!)

Advocacy is about influence. It’s trying to get other people to think the way you think.
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