Julie SchindallMy name is Julie Schindall and I am a communications and advocacy professional for non-profit organizations. I think influencing — whether through the media, informed policy positions, global campaigns or coffee table chats — is a powerful and vital tool that can improve peoples’ lives around the world. This blog is an effort to share my perspective about what good advocacy and communications looks like when used to promote human rights.

I’m currently a communications advisor to Shift, an independent, non-profit center for business and human rights practice. Previously in the business and human rights field I was the Director of Communications & Stakeholder Engagement for the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition, a coalition of electronics companies working on supply chain sustainability. Previously I worked in communications and advocacy for humanitarian agencies in major disasters around the world, including in Haiti for Oxfam and in Somalia for Save the Children.

Prior to my work in the non-profit sector, I worked as an editor and reporter for National Public Radio and an affiliate station. When I’m not obsessively reading the news and history books, I enjoy cooking and sports.

You can find out more about my background on LinkedIn.

The content of this blog is entirely my own and does not in any way represent the opinions or activities of my employers or clients.


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