Ok, so I have a new job.

This blog is not about my personal life (although it does reflect my personal and professional opinions). However, my new job is probably worthy of an announcement.

Four weeks ago I flew from Berlin, Germany to Washington, D.C. to start a new position in a new field. After over a year of reflection and many discussions with some stalwart supporters, I’m trying out the world of corporate social responsibility (CSR)/sustainability. I’m now the Director of Communications for the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), which is a coalition of electronics companies working together to improve their impact on human rights and the environment throughout their supply chain.

I call this a “shift” and not a “leap” because I see my whole career as a continuous, related string: working with various players to make the world a little bit of a better place. I started with politics (Office of Senator Edward M. Kennedy), shifted into

People + Nature = Good Stuff!

People + Nature = Good Stuff!

journalism, then moved into humanitarian assistance, and now I’m trying out the private sector perspective (while, notably, still working for a not-for-profit organization).

When injustices negatively change the lives of innocent people, a combination of players are invariably involved. It’s like a pie chart of players. To fix injustices, it also takes, usually, the whole pie chart. Politicians, journalists, humanitarians/civil society organizations, the private sector and the military know this well. So I see myself as now working with the fourth player on my pie chart. I’ve worked with the first three already (awesome!). As for the fifth player — well, just not my cup of tea.

As for this blog, I’m excited to expand my blogging topics into CSR/sustainability. Private companies have a huge impact on peoples’ lives and the environments where we live, both for good and for bad.  More and more companies are waking up to their influence and thinking they can do better — and I want to be part of that.

Thanks for your patience in my first months of my new job — I may not have much time to blog. But this blog lives on! As for influencing for good? Yes, I’m still doing it, wholeheartedly!


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