When self-promotion goes wrong

Just a quick post on a (hilariously) unfortunate story about Deutsche Bank’s attempts to donate to a humanitarian crisis that came back to haunt it. This is a story about how being straightforward and showing concern for people is often the best you can do when stuck in a bad story.

The Wall Street Journal reports that a boat bearing the name “Deutsche Bank” arrived at a port in Australia on Tuesday bearing 66 asylum seekers from Asia. Immigration and asylum is a loaded topic in Australia and the boat’s arrival attracted a [cough] raft of media attention. (Don’t blame me for that pun, that’s all on the WSJ.)

Deutsche Bank apparently donated fishing vessels — with their name on them — to fisherman affected by the Asian tsunami in 2004. And somehow that vessel ended up bearing 66 men, women and children to Australia, seeking refuge.

If you read the WSJ’s short story, including quotes from Deutsche Bank spokesperson Adrian Cox, I think you’ll agree with me that Cox does a good job at responding to an extremely awkward situation. He explained how that boat could have ended up where it ended up.

And — thank goodness! — he expressed good wishes for the health and safety of the people onboard.

Hurrah! A sensible spokesperson!


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